Writing to Collect Debt

Course Information

1 Day Course

Time: 9am – 5pm

Contact: bes@dnb.com.sg 

Course Introduction

This programme is designed to enable working professionals in writing emails and letters of reminders to expedite the payment process.

This one day workshop will equip you with the essential skills on how to write more effective letters of reminder Skills such as how to ensure the tone of the letter matches the age of the debt will be covered. Participants will also be taught the proper techniques for making follow up callers to debtors. 

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the proper format and style for writing
    reminder letters
  • Learn how to use specific words and phrases to
    your advantage
  • Learn how to write persuasively
  • Use the right tone and style when writing
  • Master the techniques used for follow up phone
    calls to expedite payment

Course Outlines

Topic 1: Introduction
  • The styles and approaches to business writing today
  • The fundamentals of collection letters and emails
  • Understanding the different stages of debt
  • The different categories of collection letters and emails
  • When to use which type of letter/email when collecting debt
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of collection letters
Topic 2: Categories of Collection Letters and Emails
  • The Reminder Collection Letter
  • The Inquiry Collection Letter
  • The Appeal Collection Letter
  • The Ultimatum Collection Letter
  • Useful phrases and words to capture attention and persuade
Topic 3: Writing Letters of Reminder
  • Concise writing techniques
  • Using the right approach
  • Understanding legal liabilities in writing
  • Format and structure for letters of reminder
  • The usage of tone when writing a letter of reminder
  • How to emphasize content and tone through the use of words and phrases
  • Substantiate the arguments/points to get to the readers
  • Ways to emphasize urgency and expediency when writing letters of reminder
Topic 4: Post Writing Strategies
  • The follow through processes
  • The importance of collection calls
  • The 4 parts of a telephone collection call
  • Conveying urgency and action

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