Credit Monitoring

Know your Creditors and stay afloat

Headlines of business going insolvent overnight has gotten increasingly frequent. With such a volatile market, it is essential for businesses to keep an eye on their creditor accounts.

Monitor your credit accounts actively on a monthly basis to safeguard your account receivables with our Business Credit Monitoring Alert, Red Yellow Green (RYG). This monthly credit monitoring tool classifies your creditor accounts based on the New Credit Risk Index (NCRI) and the Payment Index.

Credit Monitoring

Red Yellow Green (RYG)

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Relentless monitoring of your desired entities warns you of any potentially detrimental anomalies that can hurt your brand or business. RYG hinges on triggers such as (but not limited to):

  • Risk profile
  • Litigation
  • Poor or inconsistent payment behaviour
  • Adverse news and media
  • Corporate Mergers / Acquisitions

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