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The Complete
Credit-to-Cash platform
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D&B Finance Analytics is the complete AI-driven platform — for finance leaders who want to transform their finance operations and reduce cost through insight, automation and enhance their customer experience.

Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use Configurable Applications for both Credit Intelligence and Receivables Intelligence

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Best of both worlds - Credit Intelligence
and Receivables Intelligence


This AI-driven platform features deep insight and machine learning that enhances your internal customer data.


Configurable for businesses of every size and need. From multi-national firms to local small enterprises.

Easy to Use

This intuitive platform allows you to easily create and manage workflows to monitor key activities from a dashboard.

Powered by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud

Finance Analytics is linked to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud

Credit Intelligence

Automate Credit Decisions

Our Finance Analytics – Credit Intelligence delivers AI-driven risk assessments to help users set the right payment terms, understand corporate linkage and collect payment on time.

  • Globally consistent financial statements in more than 200 markets
  • Online credit application can be configured
  • Platform users set-up customised credit scorecards for various vendors
Decision Maker
Financial Analytics Singapore Credit Decision Overview

Manage and Monitor

Configurable alert allows you to receive notifications when a business’s information changes and take appropriate actions.

A dashboard lays out easy-to-read charts and graphs that help you visualise risk, exposure to better understand overall performance. 

Portfolio Insight
Financial Analytics Singapore Portfolio Overview

Account Reviews

When a significant change happens to an account, the said account will be flagged for further evaluation:

  • Increase / Decrease credit limits
  • Re-evaluate credit terms
  • Placing a credit hold

D&B Finance Analytics records all actions with automatic time-stamping to leave breadcrumbs for audit and compliance documentation.

Account Manager
Financial Analytics Singapore Accounts Overview

Finance Analytics Credit Intelligence

Receivables Intelligence

Streamlined Accounts Receivables

Our Finance Analytics – Receivables Intelligence is a collaborative and comprehensive automated solution that allows you to prioritize collections, manage disputes, and simplify workflows.

  • Send automated emails
  • Prioritise high-risk accounts
  • Reduce days past due

Collections Management
Financial Analytics Singapore Credit Collections

Customer Portal

Make easier for clients to pay you with e-invoicing and a secure payment portal. 

  • Pay online
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Track payables
  • Track orders
  • Timely raise order issues
Online Paymnet Portal
Financial Analytics Singapore Payment portal

Manage Cash

Automate payment and remittance application with a probability matching tool to help reduce application costs, manual reconciliation, and manual compliance reporting – all while eliminating redundant communication, emails, and exceptions. 

  • Reduce payment processing costs
  • Improve quality of cash numbers
  • Reduce DSO
  • Enable no-touch processing
Cash Management
Financial Analytics Singapore Cash Management

Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence

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