Russia-Ukraine Conflict

How do the newly imposed sanctions impact your business?

Manage and monitor your risk of business disruption

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has compounded existing business challenges and created new ones. Impacts to supply chain impacts have been extensive. More stringent sanctions will hinder the movement of commodities, creating a knock on effect on food security and critical raw materials.

The Russia-Ukraine war is also exacerbating Europe’s energy crisis, creating near-term impact on logistical management and resource availability, as well as probable long-term impacts on business operations. 

Disruption Summary Report

Get your free Disruption Summary Report to help identify your organisation’s exposure to risk.

The report allows you to see how your portfolio could potentially be disrupted through relationships, both direct and indirect, in the impacted regions.

  • Identify the total direct exposure of your business partner portfolio to Russia and Ukraine
  • Understand indirect corporate and individual exposure by assessing your business partners’ corporate family trees and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) structures

Underlining the importance of

Regulatory Checks Knowing Your Suppliers Knowing Your Clients Due Diligence

3 10

Entities under
direct sanctions

3 5000

Businesses whom are owned
or controlled by them

Taking beneficial owners and corporate structures into account, 36,082 entities across the globe are directly or indirectly affected by direct sanctions.

What has your organisation done to overcome this tremendous challenge in assessing exposure and understanding compliance risks?

D&B Corporate Linkage

Underlining the importance of KYC - D&B Corporate Linkage

Identify corporate subsidiaries associated with the entity through lookup and association with the entity’s D‑U‑N‑S® Number.

D&B Beneficial Ownership

Underlining the importance of KYC - D&B Beneficial Ownership

Identify entities or persons associated with a D‑U‑N‑S® Number who benefit from the entity’s success (directly or indirectly).

D&B Network Intelligence

Underlining the importance of KYC - D&B Network Intelligence

Identify shareholders, principals and controllers of that D-U-N-S as resolved role players then append all the D-U-N-S that role player is linked to globally.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis - Implications for the Global economy and businesses


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