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Data Covering Public and Private Companies

D&B ESG Intelligence provides comprehensive coverage of sustainability performance data on over 73 million public and private businesses across more than 174 countries and territories.

Our ESG covers 13 ESG rating themes and 31 sustainability topics to help companies understand the risks and opportunities. ESG Ratings are based on millions of trusted business data sources around the world and validated with D&B DUNS Number and provide ESG insights through the perspective of an impartial third party. 

Implement the Six Sustainability Principles

D&B’s ESG Rating is established based on these six sustainability principles: 

  • CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
  • GRI (Global Sustainability Reporting Institute)
  • UN SDGs (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals)
  • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)
  • UN PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment)

D&B provides consistent benchmarks, reliable and quantifiable ESG data sources, and different weights according to the industry that helps enterprises balance short-term profit and long-term competitiveness.

Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG Intelligence - Actively Monitor ESG Risks and Engage Suppliers

Incorporate into the supplier review process and grasp ESG risks in a timely manner

Effectively monitor your suppliers’ ESG risks and support routine audits easily. Our ESG data is refreshed on a frequent cadence, providing up-to-date insights so your team can mitigate risk proactively.

  • Easily monitor ESG performance of your full portfolio of suppliers
  • Identify specific ESG risks to engage with your suppliers about
  • Proactively pivot when a supplier’s ESG risk factors shift
  • Benchmark ESG performance against industry averages

Enhance ESG insights of suppliers in your portfolio

D&B ESG Intelligence provides a deployable survey, sent by Dun & Bradstreet at your discretion to suppliers to help enhance ESG metrics. The ESG Self-Assessment Survey is:  

  • Designed to help you complete the ESG assessment of suppliers systematically
  • An easy way to interact with suppliers for complete ESG information
  • Click the button in D&B Risk Analysis and D&B invites suppliers to complete the ESG Self-Assessment Survey on your behalf
  • Established around the 6 major ESG principles to create a supply chain that is in line with international standards

Use ESG data anytime, anywhere

D&B ESG Intelligence provides 5 ways for you to obtain data conveniently.

D&B ESG Registered

D&B ESG Registered is a trustworthy mark, indicating that your company has transparent ESG data disclosure and focuses on ESG initiatives, which will help companies improve their business competition advantage. 

D&B Risk Analytics – Supplier Intelligence

Couple ESG Rankings with industry-leading firmographic, supplier risk data, and restricted party screening in our D&B Risk Analytics solution to help you manage risks end-to-end along your supply chain. D&B Risk Analytics provides modern ESG interactive widgets and comprehensive ESG reports that help you bring ESG into each step of your procurement process.

D&B Risk Essentials

Leverage D&B ESG Intelligence in a stand-alone platform with modern visualizations and automated reporting found in D&B Risk Analytics, without the deep supplier risk and screening capabilities – making this a more affordable option.

Direct+ API

Our Direct+ API integration sends ESG insights directly you via API call and is compatible with nearly all systems, offering a seamless way to access trusted ESG rankings data without lifting a finger.

Batch File Download

Receive ESG insights and Rankings via batch file in CSV. format updated on up to a monthly basis. These files can be uploaded into any existing system for analysis.

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