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Updated daily to ensure only the most up-to-date information. Dun & Bradstreet delivers reliable data and insights - whenever and wherever you need it.


million business records

Comprehensive business data and analytical insights: comprising over 450 million business records are curated from tens of thousands of sources globally.


years of history

Dun & Bradstreet has helped customers and partners accelerate growth and improve their business performance through the power of data and analytics.

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to tackle the problems of new and old.

Smart Compliance Screening (SCS)

Smart Compliance Screening (SCS) is an AI-driven, automated screening solution aimed at transforming the notoriously laborious and tedious due diligence process. SCS enables you to meet your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory obligations efficiently by doing most of the legwork - so you don't have to. Using your SCS 'backstage pass' privilege, pull back the curtains and uncover who's pulling the strings of the marionette.

Data Analytics 

There is a new kind of hoarding - Data hoarding. The spotlight on data as a valuable commodity are driving organisations to jump on the 'data hoarding' bandwagon. But that's the easy part, making sense or deriving anything useful is the real struggle and the crux of the matter. Utilising tools of the trade (such as Power BI), convert your private stockpile of data into actionable, relevant insights.

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Credit Report

Make more confident credit decisions on your customers and partners with D&B Credit Report.

Customized Reports

Flexible customization options allow you to include only the insights and elements you need.


Constant monitoring of individuals or corporate to notify you of any credit anomalies and litigation.

Database (B2B)

Extensive commercial database segmented to the relevant and coveted demographics for best campaign results. 

Global Financials

Gain deeper insights into the financial health and performance of companies worldwide to make informed decisions.


By pinpointing the right prospects, we grease the wheels of potential leads to shorten your sales cycle.

Smart Compliance Screening

Utilising Aritficial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SCS identifies local and global threats with precision.

D&B Onboard

Provides a single point of access to information and tools for your compliance or due diligence process.

Global Reference Solution

GRS is a unique online-tool to search and segment D&B’s unrivalled global database of business information.

Team Building

Arouse camaraderie and encourage teamwork through a series of potent Team Building programmes.

Customised Training

An array of courses to serve unique training gaps and kick-start your training initiatives.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn is the efficient recipe in combating the common time constraints plaguing organisations.

Data Warehouse

A single, complete and consistent store of data obtained from different sources made available to end users in a form they can understand and use.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Convert multitudes of unstructured data into actionable insights and information to support business decision making.

Advanced Analytics

Dig deeper using statistical modelling and sophisticated machine learning techniques. Discover the trends of today and predict trends of tomorrow. 

Content Curation

Pimp your contents for that extra pull and appeal because where superficial beauty charms, it's the personality that sells.

Website Development

A website represents your brand and
acts as an essential marketing tool that enables your organisation to be found
in the vast digital directory.

B2B Lead Generation

Connect and actively engage with your vistors when they visit your website for successful conversions.

Company & Individual

Empower yourself with concise credit profile of local companies and individuals to assess their creditworthiness.

Payment Bureau Singapore & Collections

Be armed with insights of your business partners’ and industry payment activities or improve receivables with our Collections service.

Credit Monitoring

We monitor the financial health and credibility of your business partners, clients and competitors - in your stead.

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