Credit Management
Learning Pathway

The key to a healthy business is knowing how to better manage your credit policies and cash flow. By establishing a robust and effective process of granting credit to your customers, our credit management series ensures that you are well-equipped with the right strategies and best approaches to mitigate credit risks, exercise greater credit vigilance and manage potential late payments or defaults from our business partners.

Credit Management Learning Pathway

Effective Credit Analysis and Management Effective Credit Analysis and Management Credit Monitoring and Controlin Times of Uncertainties Credit Monitoring and Control in Times of Uncertainties Effective Debt Recovery Strategiesand Practial Debt Collection Effective Debt Recovery Strategies and Practical Debt Collection $3F96B4 Advanced Credit Analysis Credit Recommendation Credit Recommendation

Key Learning Points

  • Learn the techniques of conducting effective credit analysis
  • Understand the sources and reasons for financing
  • Understand the Cash Conversion Cycle, Asset Quality and Liabilities
  • Learn to examine financial statements and perform forensic investigation on unaudited financial statements
  • Understand Cashflow Analysis and apply methods of cashflow preparation
  • Apply Financial Ratios (Profitability, Solvency, Liquidity, Asset Management Ratios) to assess a company’s financial position
  • Understand Business Failures
  • Develop sound credit principles
  • Learn about the legal aspects of credit control and management

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the Credit Monitoring Process
  • Learn how to identify problem accounts, the causes of problem accounts and business failures
  • Apply the tools and frameworks for monitoring adverse environmental and market changes
  • Identify the tell-tale signs of customers in financial distress
  • Learn how to reorganize, recapitalize, refinance and restructure
  • Develop an action plan for credit monitoring and following up on problem accounts

Key Learning Points

  • Understand how to manage receivables and its impact on business operations
  • Appreciate the importance of Accounts Receivable (AR) management to maintain a strong cashflow position
  • Learn how to perform credit maintenance and implement a robust process of monitoring and collecting Accounts Receivable
  • Establish policies around Accounts Receivable to improve sales and prompt payments
  • Identify and segment customer accounts for AR management
  • Establish a DSO goal to manage cashflow
  • Understand the Debt collections process
  • Apply telephone techniques in collecting debts
  • Understand legal options for debt recovery

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the importance and use of financial projections
  • Appreciate the risks and challenges of business growth
  • Learn how to perform various stress tests to uncover risks in your customer portfolio
  • Apply the principles and methods of cashflow forecasting
  • Learn how to deal with problem loans and portfolio management

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the key steps required to write a good credit proposal
  • Learn to verify and assess financial and non-financial information
  • Understand the credit approval process and what credit departments look for when processing credit applications
  • Apply the tools and techniques for evidence-based credit recommendation
  • Learn about the key components of a comprehensive credit report
  • Develop a sound understanding of the real value of credit recommendation

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