Understanding Bills of Lading

Course Information

1 Day Course

Time: 9am – 5pm

Contact: bes@dnb.com.sg 

Course Introduction

This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to examine
and fully understand Bills of Lading and associated transport documents

Learning Outcome

Armed with a good understanding, participants will be able to avoid and resolve discrepancies
when handling bills of lading called for in an LC pertaining to UCP 600.

Course Outlines

Topic 1: What is International Trade?
  • Risks in international trade P.E.S.T
  • Why is a bill of lading important?
  • What must be stated in a bill of lading?
Topic 2: Functions
  • Parties to a Bill of Lading
Topic 3: Meaning of Bills of Lading
  • Shipped on deck bill of lading
  • Clean bill of lading
Topic 4: Types of Bills of Lading
  • Marine/ocean bill of lading
  • Container bill of lading
  • Non
    negotiable sea waybills
  • Charter party bill of lading
  • Multimodal transport document
  • Through bill of lading
  • House bill of lading
  • Surrender bill of lading
  • Switched bill of lading
  • Express ocean bill of lading etc.
Topic 5: Shipping Law of Singapore
  • Bill of lading as a document of title
  • Breach of contract of carriage and/or conversion of cargo
  • Rights of suit under bills of lading
  • Endorsement of a bill of lading
Topic 6: Letter of Indemnity for Delivery of Cargo
Topic 7: Pre-date Bills of Lading
Topic 8: Difference between a Bill of Lading and Air waybill
Topic 9: Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP 600) on Transport documents etc.

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