The New Leader

Course Information

1 Day Course

Time: 9am – 5pm


Course Introduction

Supervision is a special challenge that can help you reach new career and lifestyle goals. You have the “right stuff” or the management would not have given you the opportunity to become a leader in the first place. However, becoming a successful leader is not as easy as some people might expect. Your attitude, behavior and organizational habits will set the pace and tone in your department. This course has been organized to introduce you to the challenges and opportunities in delegating, prioritizing and coaching, among others – which you will encounter in your new leadership role.

Learning Outcome

  • To describe the basic responsibilities, technical skills and attitude required to be a successful leader
  • To present four fundamentals every leader must master and to provide ideas and skills for putting them in place
  • To point out special situations that a leader can expect to encounter and show how to deal with them

Who Should Attend

This workshop is essential for all Team Leaders, Supervisors, Executives and Managers.

Course Outlines

Topic 1: Meeting the Challenge
  • Anticipating the Challenge Ahead
  • Getting Started: Copy A Model Leader
  • Communicating Through Your Attitude
  • Your Attitude About Quality
  • Your Attitude About Productivity
  • Your Attitude about Safety
  • Reflecting On Self-Confidence
  • Taking Charge
  • Presenting a Strong, Effective Image
  • Getting Yourself And Your Staff Organized
  • Staying Up-To-Date In Your Planning
  • Turning Ideas And Plans Into Results
Topic 2: Fitting Four Fundamentals Into Your Style
  • Becoming An Effective Leader
  • Establishing Your Authority By Setting Reasonable Standards And Limits
  • Making The Transition To Your Leadership Style
  • Letting Go Of “Business As Usual”
  • Establishing Discipline
  • Getting Results Through Your Staff
  • Earning Your Staff’s Respect And Keeping It
  • Learning How To Delegate
  • Becoming An Effective Coach And Counselor
  • Viewing Yourself As A Coach
  • Using Counseling Effectively
  • Forging Effective Relationships With Your Staff
  • Becoming A Confident And Respected Leader
  • Leading Your Staff To New Heights
  • Building Winning Teams
  • Setting Goals For Quality, Productivity And Safety
  • Helping Staff Members To Motivate Themselves
Topic 3: Dealing With Special Situations
  • Staying Positive And Overcoming The Blahs
  • Being Alert To Troublesome Habits
  • Seven Unforgivable “Killer” Mistakes
  • Supervising People Who Used To Be Peers
  • Handling Possible Resentment
  • Developing Your People Skills
  • Solving Problems
  • Identifying The Problem Employee
  • Dealing With A  Problem Employee
  • Handling Conflict Among Staff Members
  • Working With Other Departments And Work Groups
  • Keeping Your Supervisor Happy
  • Resolving Mistakes
  • Getting A First-Rate Staff And Keeping It
  • Pulling Together
  • Looking Ahead: Continuing Your Leadership Training

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