Leadership & Managerial Competencies

Course Information

2 Days Course

Time: 9am – 5pm

Contact: bes@dnb.com.sg 

Course Introduction

The only thing which is constant today is CHANGE – so that a leader can no longer ignore any challenges that lie ahead. This means a demand for a high level of leadership skills which are reflected in such areas as motivation, vision and team building. In this program, the participants will learn to develop their leadership skills which are central to the requirements of today’s environment for the success of the organization. This will in turn help to convert a company’s vision into reality.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the role of management within the organization
  • Results oriented and better team management
  • Improve overall performance through effective & positive leadership approach
  • Understand and Motivate People better
  • Reduce conflict
  • Upgrade communication skills
  • Solve problems conventionally and creatively
  • Critically search for change and improvement opportunity
  • Systemize management thought process

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit assistant managers, managers, department heads, executives, those with subordinates, and all those who have to work with people and those wish to improve their skills in dealing with issues affecting people and situations in workplace.

Course Outlines

Day 1
Topic 1: Leadership & Management
  • Leadership/management styles
  • Decision Making Styles
  • Impact of the above to dealing with people and issues
  • The big picture: align vision and mission to deliver results
Topic 2: Emotional Intelligence
  • Introductory exercise
  • The 4 dimensions of EQ
  • Practical approach and handling
Topic 3: Conflict Management
  • is conflict needed?
  • Causes for conflict
  • What to do to reduce or eliminate conflict
Day 2
Topic 4: Innovation, Creativity and Readiness for Change
  • Understanding Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Think out of the box, or break the box: a case
  • Common techniques to be adopted
  • Application
Topic 5: Influencing Skills
  • A look at Organizational politics: power and influence
  • Major influencing techniques: 5 points
  • Pros and cons of each
Topic 6: Team Leadership: Networking, Building Relationship, Stakeholder management
  • Diversity and Interpersonal Skills
  • Team working
  • Stakeholder Analysis and management
Topic 7: Ability To Motivate
  • The double “P” of motivation
  • What makes people move or tick?
  • How to apply to get results
Topic 8: Putting it all together: Result orientation
  • Clarity towards performance based culture
  • KPI: helping to avoid “busy bee, no honey” syndrome
  • How to link this with Professionalism?

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