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Irregardless of the size of your company, being able to monitor your account receivables is key to business survival. But in this violate economy, can you afford to consistently have your finance team be on the lookout for  fiscal changes, economy threats and global news on top of the usual overdue accounts, credit extensions and delinquent payments?

With our intelligent Dun & Bradstreet Finance Analytics platform, you can now fulfil your credit check needs and more on a single platform, from the comfort of your office.

Credit Intelligence


Automate Credit Decisions

Configure your own credit policies and further enhance it with our comprehensive risk assessment.

Manage and Monitor

Stay on top of changes within your global portfolio with proactive alerts across over 200 markets.

Account Reviews

Benchmark your accounts against global standards and make informed business decisions.

Receivables Intelligence


Streamline Accounts Receivables

Reduce turnaround time for your finance department by allowing intelligent tracking and prioritisation.

Customer Portal

Allow customers to apply for credit extensions online, reducing the number of disputed invoices.


Manage Cash

Get paid faster through multiple channels and reduce unapplied cash and manual processing.

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