Dealing with Challenging People Interaction

Course Information

1 Day Course

Time: 9am – 5pm


Course Introduction

We are in the business of building relationships! People are not necessarily difficult to deal with. They only seem difficult because we lack the skills of an appropriate communication style. It is imperative that we are equipped with the essential skills to handle different groups of people.

You will learn the appropriate communication styles that will help you avoid ineffective communication and improve work relationships. Do not let negative experiences affect your willingness to try and get along with anyone! Discover how you can use the DISC as a tool to come out tops with not just textbook answers but tried and tested techniques as well!

Learning Outcome

On completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Reduce stress levels among colleagues.
  • Confidently handle challenging dialogues in a calm fashion.
  • Promote work productivity and sense of belonging in the workplace.

Course Outlines

Topic 1: Relationship Building
  • People reading.
  • Using EQ to interact positively with your colleagues and subordinates; and clients.
  • Identifying, discerning and escalating people’s needs and expectations.
  • Making people feel valued and important.
Topic 2: Understanding People Communication Tendencies
  • Identifying different communication styles.
  • How to use the four personality type psychometric tool (DISC) to communicate to different groups of people.
  • How to leverage on one’s strengths and work on weaknesses.
Topic 3: Assertive Skills
  • Managing challenging conversations.
  • Adopting 5 key assertive skills.
  • Asking appropriate questions during conflict management.

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