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 Captivate and charm your audience

Putting a 'face' to
your brand name

In our vast digital world, a website has become a requisite for any business to exhibit credibility in the chaos. It is the identity and persona of your brand where first impressions are made and sentiments cemented. How your website looks and feels will dramatically influence what your visitors think of your business, and you can be sure that the majority of the people will research a product or service before making contact - including you.


Website Design & Development

Get the elusive and fickle approval of the 21st century users with stunning web designs

Content Curation & Copywriting

'Renovate' your contents for stronger
relevancy and customer engagements

Website Security & Hosting

Obtain a peace of mind when you offload
your website hosting essentials with us

Shopping Cart Development

Leverage on the round-the-clock operations of your website and let it yield additional revenue

B2B Lead Generation Tool

Reveal B2B visitors on your website to touch base and lead them through your sales funnel

Website Design
& Development

Put your business out there - onto the World Wide Web.

We convert your brand and its offerings into an extravagant feast for the eyes. Good designs seize the attention of your visitors at first glance, but a great design keeps them scrolling. Our 'digital cosmetics' will be dynamic and relevant to ensure that your webpage will not only be captivating but also representative of your business.

Our expertise: HTML | 'D&B Web Builder' | CMS

Content Curation & Copywriting

Okay, you look good, you feel good, what's next?

By looking good, your website has stood out from the crowd, but you know you're not the only one. It's a capricious world out there and you need to have the personality (and substance) to boot. That's where Content Curation comes into play. Your business will not be getting a second glance if your website is not interesting nor provocative. Our competent copywriting and content curation will better your odds in keeping your audiences engaged.

Website Security
& Hosting

Infrastructure and IT limitations should not be a problem.

We have heard the battle hymn sung by many - website security and hosting is a laborious, resource-heavy and 'nail biting' process. So save your time and resources as we undertake your website hosting and security maintenance, so you don't need to. Sleep soundly as our domestic IT support team will watch over your website with vigilance and spunk.

Shopping Cart Development

Your relentless shopping assistant and 24/7 active storefront.

For an eCommerce website (or just businesses that appreciate the value of one), a shopping cart is of vital importance. It intuitively guides your customers through the purchasing and payment process; to minimise confusion and encourage successful sales. With the introduction of new, transaction-fee-free payment gateways like PayNow and PayLah!, fret not about hefty credit card interchange fees nor the pains of setting up a merchant account.

B2B LeadGen

Often wondered who visits your website?

GDPR compliant, our B2B Lead Generation Tool reveals corporate visitors that stop by your website. A brief company overview of the visitor and contacts (if available) will be furnished, along with a comprehensive report that illustrates their usage patterns. Only quality leads according to your dimensions will be filtered - such as time spent, country of origin, number of pages viewed. These information will be invaluable to your sales team in calibrating their pitch and greasing the wheels for successful conversion. Salvage lost leads and revenue with B2B LeadGen.

Information in the report will include: Organisation Name, Website, Country of Origin, Registered Address, Phone Number, Latest Visit, Page Views, Visit Time (minutes), Specific Page URL, its View Duration and Number of Views.

Digital Marketing

Marketing in the 21st century.

To serve as your overall solutions provider, web&hance takes over your online presence development and function (including email campaigns, SEM and SEO). web&hance’s digital marketing solutions help you to reach more customers for less money than traditional methods. Beyond leveraging off D&B’s corporate databases, web&hance identify your target market and persona for greater ROI on your campaigns.

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Curated content and inviting visuals will build interest to keep your audience entertained. A great website is indispensable for all businesses - regardless of industry or size. It allows your organisation to be found and researched, giving potential customers a channel to know and contact you. For startups and existing businesses alike, stand out from the masses and emit credibility when you put your business onto the largest global network, yet.

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