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Singapore Commercial
Credit Bureau (SCCB)

Gain access to corporate solutions and various tiers of information on domestic commercial
entities through our localised credit assessment portal

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Reduce credit
risks and accelerate
growth momentum

All-in-one credit assessment portal, access to various tiers of information on commercial entities incorporated in Singapore and regionally is now effortless. With  internet access, you can now retrieve your desired information anytime, anywhere. armed with the concise credit profile of your customers and partners, assess the creditworthiness of partners and clients confidently.

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau and its partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, enables quick access to credit information on both companies and individuals, locally and globally.

Company &
Individual Searches

Empower yourself with concise credit profile of companies and individuals to assess their creditworthiness.

Commercial Report

Reports of varying details and depth are available to serve different requirements. It will include key information such as (but not limited to): Business Registration Information, Bureau and Payment Information, Litigation, Registered activities, Shareholders details, Payment Index and Industry Risk Indicators.

Consumer Report

Reports of varying details and depth are available to serve different requirements. It will include key information such as (but not limited to): Individual’s Formal Name, Residential Address, Business & Shareholding in businesses, Previous Ownership, Litigation against individual, businesses and bankruptcy records.

International Search

Retrieve vital global insights beyond domestic entities to determine their identity, affiliations and financial credibility. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Make business decisions with confidence by screening the subject against sanction lists and databases, (including but not limited) to money laundering, terrorist financing and association.

International Comprehensive Report

Mitigate your risk with foreign transactions and collaborations through assessing the entity's Business Profile, Financiers, Litigation Trace and History, Subsidiaries and Associated Companies, Credit Ratings and Recommendation*. 

*Refer to Information Coverage for more details

Credit Monitoring

Automated monitoring of the financial health and credibility of your business partners, clients and competitors for your peace of mind.

Credit Monitoring (Credmon)

A pro-active approach to alert your organisation against accounts that need to be re-evaluated. Receive real-time notificaton when triggers such as litigation, adverse news, defaults and bankruptcy alerts are tripped by your monitored accounts. Protect your business against any potential fallout.

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Collection Services

Recover debts and improve receivables without sacrificing your core business operations.

Debt Collections

A 'No collection, no commission' guarantee, SCCB's Collections Service leverage on their bureaucratic capabilities, legal prowess and global network for successful debt recovery. Maintaining the highest level of professionalism and the exclusive use of legal collection channels - we prevent any risk of brand tarnishment or damage to your corporate reputation. Reduce your 'account receivables' and improve your liquid asset.

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Payment Bureau

Access profound insights into your business partners’ payment activities with the Payment Bureau Singapore platform.

Payment Bureau Singapore (PBS)

Obtain timely trade payment information on the payment behaviour of your commercial accounts to analyse trends and predict potential delinquency. Where payment information is readily available though the platform, effectively mitigate your risks and improve your cash flow by monitoring the liquidity and credit-worthiness of your business. 

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Hassle-free and streamlined integration of business information APIs to your infrastructure.


With stricter regulations and companies bearing the burden of proof, the need to validate and verify information is ever greater. We never trust just a single source, data accuracy is ensured through verifying against multiple sources to reduce source reliance and enhance overall data collection efficiency.

SCCB API deliver prompt, precise information and in addition, its use of the platform also serves as an icon of credibility to business partners and prospects. Above all, the integration process will be ninja-esque: silent but forceful. 

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