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Rating and Index

 Risk Management Solutions

Advisory measurements
to support evaluation

Ratings and indexes are symbolic representations or measurements of the relative risk associated with an entity. The rating approach involves evaluating the rated entity’s ability to perform an activity, exposure to internal/external forces and its potential outcome. An index ranks an entity's performance against a spectrum or competing entities.

D&B Rating

The D&B Rating is a value added tool which provides a quick assessment
of a company’s Financial Strength and Risk Conditions.

D&B New Credit Risk Index (NCRI)

The D&B NCRI is a tool which ranks and identifies less credit-worthy businesses.
It provides a quick assessment of a business’s risk standing based on observed business failure of companies in Singapore.

Credit Assessment Rating

The Credit Assessment Rating serves as a reference to assess a firm’s credit risk and recommend the credit range to be extended.

Financial Stress Score (FSS)

FSS is an overall statistical assessment on the probability of an active business facing a situation of failure over the next 12 months. View the fact sheet here.

How we help

Judging a fish by
its ability to swim,
not climb a tree.

Our ratings weigh financial and non-financial factors in
credit deliberation to derive a more precise and impartial representation. These ensure you obtain a comprehensive
and relevant overview that considers a broad spectrum of elements (beyond fiscal) to support confident decision-making.

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