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Predictive &
Advanced Analytics

Data Analytics

Predict the future
through history

Harness the power of predictive and advanced analytics to predict and influence the future. By leveraging on historical data to forecast trends, it can help to guide corporate decision-making, key strategy conception and manage your risks. The true strength of predictive and advanced analytics is in that it enables you to formulate ahead in lieu of reacting to market changes as it happens.

Back to the future

Forecast Trends
Predict the Future

Make strategically impactful decisions by leveraging on first-mover advantage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
& Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning capabilities detect even the subtlest of insights.

Risk Management
& Marketing Analytics

Enlist advanced analytics to guide risk management and marketing decisions.

Tools of the trade

Scorecard -
Getting an overview

A scorecard is a graphical representation of the progress over time toward a specified goal or goals. They are invaluable tools for organisations as it offers an overview of the current performance and the distance before the goal - information that is useful to devise appropriate strategies and make strategic decision at that precise stage. Customisable scorecards ensure higher relevance and accuracy of the insights for your business.

Heat Map -
Hot and Cold

A heat map uses a system of color-coding to represent varying values to deliver a visually intuitive graphical representation that illustrates 'hot' and 'cold' zones/spots. 'Hot' spots (in red) typically represents high trigger elements and vice versa for 'cold' spots (in blue). They are an effective tool in identifying correlation between events which can provide indispensable insights in formulating potent strategies.

Risk Analytics - 
Don't roll the dice

Where instincts are fallible, reliably manage risk by using a range of techniques and tools to extrapolate insights necessary to make informed decisions. Risk management analytics quantifies, measures and predict risk with a great degree of certainty - vital to support and manage your risk exposure across your organisation.

Marketing Analytics -
Maximising your ROI 

Open the doors to enhanced marketing tools using analytics. 

Lead Scoring Model:
Increase targeting accuracy and lead conversion rates.

Market Segmentation:
By separating the client base and determining your customer persona,
pinpoint and target your most profitable market segment.

Demand Forecast:
Predict the future sales trend based on past behaviour using time series analysis.

Customer Churn Prevention:
Identify the best customer by calculating the consumer life time value. 

How we help

Advanced & Predictive Analytics Integration

The past had long influenced the future. Using analytics,
one can employ historical data to detect trends and make predictions that will guide decision-making, manage risks
and plan for the future. Amidst the intense competition and
the edge a first mover possesses, supercharge your business processes and get the much needed head start with analytics.

Project Coverage:

•  Relevant Software License
•  Customised Scorecard Development and Integration
•  Customised Analytics Development and Integration

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