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We're not ahead of our time (yet) but we are catching up

As with moderation in everything (including moderation), we encourage positive work-life balance. Our dynamic culture strives to keep the skip in your beat and not dwindling into dragging your feet to earn your keep. Beyond what you can do for us, we too, want to know what we can do for you. After all, we are believers that 'communication' should always be
a Two-Way Street. Whether you're an experienced leader in your field or just kicking off your career, there's something for you. 

Join us and bask in our progressively inclusive and agile culture.

Core Values

They're not gospel but simply a nudge in the right direction - to continuously improve and fear not of making mistakes, but of stagnancy.

Cultivating a forward-moving
and fluid culture:

While your growth and performance is important to us, equally is your well-being. No crushing pressure
or impossible deadlines, we are shifting away from conventions by experimenting how we can encourage
sustainable high performance, reward achievements and spur continuous improvement in our teams. 

Work-Life Balance

Striking a work-life balance in our fiercely hectic working environment might seem like an urban myth, but here at Dun & Bradstreet - this is very much a reality. We are culturally opposing of unnecesary 'homework' and overtime, so leave work where it befittingly belongs and pay attention where due.


We are strong advocates of an inclusive culture not just because it is ethical to do so, but it also helps us grow as an organisation. Diverse teams is evidently more agile, creative and perceptive versus its rigid counterparts. As it should be, we judge only your ability and not by your limitations.

Open Door Policy

Where external feedback is essential, we encourage open communication and feedback within our teams. In our 
'judge-free' zone, we'd love to hear suggestions regardless of what they are. In tearing down the conceptual walls to facilitate communication, hear and be heard

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