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Integrated Credit Management Solution

All-in-one Credit Managment 

An integrated credit management solution

As the name suggests, Integrated Credit Managment Solution (ICMS) is a robust integrated solution that leverages on D&B's and SCCB's suite of products. Essentially a Software as a Service, ICMS is an Information Technology solution which boosts productivity and innovation of businesses in the area of credit and risk management.



Flexibility and autonomy in credit assessment through shorter turnaround time in the retrieval of reports from SCCB & D&B portal.


Efficient and effective Credit Assessment through daily credit monitoring and
litigation alerts of clients


Better Customer Relationship Management
of new and existing clients’ business and
credit risk profiles


Significant reduction in manpower,
operating and administrative costs in
managing enterprise risk


Enables proactive client monitoring
through an automated Risk
Management process

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An all-encompassing credit management solution

ICMS is a total credit management solution which enables prospecting, pre-screening and enhances portfolio management and recovery. The access to valuable and unbiased business insights (including payment information, negative listings and email alerts) improves the fidelity of your credit assessment.

By introducing ICMS into your credit management process:

• Enhanced Portfolio Management of New and Existing Clients

• Improves Credit Assessment & Better Profiling of Credit Risk Profiles of Clients

• Enables 24/7 access to valuable business information for corporate strategic planning

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