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Selecting Resilient and Sustainable Business Relationships

Engaging in business relationships with ethical companies is among the growing priorities of corporations today to better mitigate risk, increase resiliency and drive business performance.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) insights make selecting ethical and sustainable third parties easier than ever.

Leverage on ESG insights

Our comprehensive D&B ESG Rankings help companies generate insights that help strengthen their ESG goals and streamline ESG assessment processes.

Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG - Incorporate ESG into Due Diligence
Incorporate ESG into
Due Diligence
Assess suppliers on ESG criteria throughout the procurement process
Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG - Identify ESG risks in supply chain
Identify ESG Risks
in Your Supply Chain
Maintain ESG performance visibility throughout your supplier portfolio.
Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG - Monitor ESG Risks and Engage
Monitor ESG Risk
and Engage Suppliers
Actively monitor high-risk suppliers and identify areas for supplier engagement.
Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG - Measure and Report on ESG
Measure and Report
on ESG
Help meet ESG disclosure reporting requirements and compliance.

Identify and Understand ESG Risks

Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG Intelligence - Global Data Coverage

D&B ESG Intelligence provides comprehensive coverage of sustainability performance data on over 35 million global public and private businesses. 

Our ESG Rankings are conveniently organized into 13 ESG themes and 31 topic specific categories to help you understand specific risks and opportunities.

Actively Monitor ESG Risks and Engage Suppliers

Dun & Bradstreet Singapore ESG Intelligence - Actively Monitor ESG Risks and Engage Suppliers

Effectively monitor your suppliers’ ESG risks and support routine audits easily. Our ESG data is refreshed on a frequent cadence, providing up-to-date insights so your team can mitigate risk proactively.

  • Easily monitor ESG performance of your full portfolio of suppliers
  • Identify specific ESG risks to engage with your suppliers about
  • Proactively pivot when a supplier’s ESG risk factors shift
  • Benchmark ESG performance against industry averages

Enhance ESG Insights of Suppliers in Your Portfolio

D&B ESG Intelligence provides a deployable survey, sent by Dun & Bradstreet at your discretion to suppliers to help enhance ESG metrics.

  • Aimed to help you gain hard-to-retrieve data to complete ESG evaluations of suppliers 
  • An easy method of engaging with your suppliers for more insight 
  • Deployed via a click of a button in D&B Risk Analytics, initiating a request by Dun & Bradstreet on your behalf to complete the ESG self-assessment survey

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