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D&B Restricted Party Screening Intelligence


Streamline risk mitigation & due diligence
with comprehensive data and AI-driven screening tools

Industry surveys found that 75% - 85% of results from standard screening tools reflect false positive information1. Unreliable results often cause teams to spend valuable time looking through non- valuable information. D&B Restricted Party Screening Intelligence (D&B RPS Intelligence) uses cutting- edge technology to gather data from thousands of global sources in mere seconds to help you make more informed decisions on the right entities with the right data. The inclusion of cognitive AI technology improves the accuracy of results providing users with a clear picture of the most relevant information.


Increase Screening Efficiency

Our one of a kind Artificial Intelligence Virtual Adjudication Agent (AIVA) leverages techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, heuristics processing technologies, and an advanced military-grade cognitive AI engine to help reduce time required for due diligence efforts by aiding in:
• Noise Elimination
• False positive avoidance
• Finetuning searches
• Delivering the most relevant results

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

Gain insight on more than 1 million PEP-related results that are consistent with FATF (Financial Action Task Force) guidelines for customer due diligence.
Leveraging info4c’s globally trusted PEP DeskTM, D&B RPS Intelligence takes multi-jurisdictional screening requirements into consideration by incorporating information about relevant individuals with close ties to PEPs, namely family members and close associates.

Adverse Media

Make more informed decisions quickly with global adverse media insights. D&B RPS Intelligence’s cognitive AI system helps eliminate false positives by filtering results to deliver more relevant and accurate content from millions of international news agencies and sources around the world.
All search results include text snippets and direct links to the original article so you can see your keywords in context, confirm your findings, create audit trails and feel more confident in your decisions.

Reduce False Positives

D&B RPS Intelligence leverages Smart Match which harnesses proprietary matching algorithms to organize results and help accelerate review process. The algorithms classify and display the results by closest name variation, allowing identification of name matches even when search input includes:
• Misspelled names
• Connected & concatenated names
• Nicknames & aliases
• Missing names & initials
• Translated or transliterated names
• Chinese commercial code
• Out-of-order names
• Omission of letters
• Interchanging of vowels
• Doubling of consonants
• Business suffixes

Global Watch Lists & Sanctions

Use our powerful search engine to retrieve results from the latest official lists at lightning speed. Create custom source lists that match your risk policies to help you clear results faster. List sources relate to:
• Financial and medical fraud
• Criminal and terrorism activity
• Sanctions
• Exclusions
• Other standard watch lists.

How does D&B RPS intelligence provide such highly relevant screening insights?

Striking a balance between returning enough data to help avoid missing a result and producing false negative results, our intelligent solution uses an advanced prioritization system that considers both name match and significant events associated with the entity being searched:


Results that identify the entity searched as the actor or subject directly involved in a top priority event such as stealing money, criminal activity, fines, or sentencing.


Entity is directly involved in an event as described above or may have been associated with another person or business that was directly involved in a significant event.


Entity searched is not directly involved in an event, but there is still some identification of a significant event in the search article that could still be relevant to the subject entity searched.

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