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D&B Onboard

 Compliance & Due Diligence

Detection is the
best protection

Corporate compliance is more complex than ever. Information is dispersed across multiple sources and manually managing it slows you down and increases the risk of error. Effortlessly research and make compliance decisions with D&B Onboard as it provides a single point of access to all relevant information and tools.


Online tool providing access to

multiple sources of compliance data

from a single location

Corporate linkages to see

the complete picture of a

business’s family tree

Screening and monitoring entities

to help ensure compliance with

global sanctions and regulations

Supports automation of

comprehensive compliance

and onboarding activities

D&B Onboard Facilitates Compliance
Decision-making in 3 Simple Steps:


VERIFY potential business partners

Validate business identity against Dun & Bradstreet’s global database of over 350+ million businesses to determine if it is accurately representing itself.


SCREEN businesses and principals

Evaluate confirmed business and named individuals by searching over 18 million records matched to PEPs, watch and sanctions lists, adverse media and regulatory actions.


DOCUMENT your compliance process

Electronically store and archive your due diligence results, including a breadcrumb audit trail, user-entered notes, snapshots of reports used and time, date and user stamped activity.

How it helps

An 'Umbrella Solution'

You may be able to get certain parts of what you need to
perform due diligence from other sources, including other departments within your own company, but only D&B
Onboard delivers seamless access to all your compliance
needs - in one place. Dig Deeper with D&B Onboard.
The solution lies in the creation of a compliance perimeter, comprising consistent, relevant, global data - data insight
that is used to balance risk against ethical business growth.

Prevent Fraud and Money Laundering with Confidence

Look out for the warning signs.

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