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D&B Hoovers™

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D&B Hoovers™ is a sales intelligence solution that provides a faster path from prospect to profitable relationship by leveraging on data and analytics. B2B sales professionals can engage faster with customers to grow their business.


Target More Strategically

Access comprehensive intelligence on more than 365 million business records and locate your segment

Enable Informed Conversations

Deliver essential intelligence and insight into the tools where your sellers and marketers work every day

Enhance Sales Productivity

Intuitive interface and automated workflow features including triggers, alerts, smart lists and conceptual search

How it helps

Leverage on the most comprehensive business data and insights, and our Live Business Identity - anchored by the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, D&B Hoovers uses sophisticated analytics to deliver a sales acceleration solution packed with insight. Real-time business intelligence, ecosystem connectivity and an intuitive user interface helps shorten sales cycles, build pipeline and generate higher returns on marketing investments. Predictive indicators help identify your best prospects and provide a constant flow of updates while sophisticated search and list building streamline targeting.

Once prospects become opportunities, seamless integration into CRM platforms eliminates manual tasks, increasing sales productivity and empowering sellers to spend more time selling. Take control of your sales strategy with D&B Hoovers™.

  • Key Sales Intelligence
    Deliver critical intelligence at the point of interaction to make every conversation impactful and relevant.
  • Best User Experience
    Serve customers with the data and intelligence they need to increase sales productivity.
  • Outstanding Ecosystem Integration
    Efficiently identify the most valuable prospects and engage them effectively across multiple channels.

A Powerful Sales
Intelligence Solution

D&B Hoovers™

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