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Data Warehouse

 Data Analytics

Store and collect
your data

A data warehouse stores, collects and converts your data from a
variety of sources into a consistent format and made available to
end-users across the organisation in a shared platform. A uniform
format ensures that the data is easily understood and ideal for
ad-hoc analysis. Transform your hoarded data into valuable insights. 

Laying the data groundwork

A sole data house

enables easy relocation
and sharing of data 

Herd data from

multiple source systems
into a single location

Uniform data structure

faciliates consistent and
accurate analysis

Effortless data management

as data is automatically converted and channelled

Where the magic happens

Extract, transform and load (ETL) process


Extracting the data

Data is extracted from their
sources into a staging area


Converting the data

Data is converted into a
consistent format and structure


Loading the data

Converted data is loaded into
a dimensional database


Building summary values

Develop pre-calculated summary values
to speed up report generation


Obtaining reporting tool

Construct or purchase a front-end
reporting tool for report generation


Shared platform

A shared platform will allow users across
your organisation access to the data

How we help

Data Warehouse

In constructing a data warehouse, it integrates and convert all your different data sources (finance, sales revenue, supply chain etc.) into a uniform format that your end users can understand and use. A shared platform provides a central access to the integrated data that connects your people and the ability to make informed decisions.

Project Coverage:

•  Software License and Database
•  Server Environment
•  Development and Integration

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