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COVID-19 Impact Index


Global insights to guide individual business decisions on an ongoing basis


The Dun & Bradstreet COVID-19 Impact Index provides a robust view of important factors impacting businesses during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Given the global scope of the current pandemic, we see massive disruption not only to individual businesses but also to their overall relationships (business’ customers as well as their supply chains).

Through the COVID-19 Impact Index, Dun & Bradstreet has brought the depth and breadth of our global data to bear for improved decision making. By providing insights into business connections along with specific COVID-19 dynamic information regarding locations and industry, we are uniquely positioned to develop an integrated impact assessment from both a risk and opportunity perspective.

Our analysis can provide actionable insights to assist as you:

• Manage risks to your cash flow by identifying accounts in your portfolio that require immediate attention and planning a segmentation strategy to work with your customers through these difficult times.

• Modify your go-to-market approach to grow pipeline, revenue and protect profitability by combining the concepts of fit, intent to purchase, and risk associated with target accounts.

• Develop a risk-based assessment process for your supply chain, monitoring your Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to determine where you may need to create contingency plans or plan for financial or logistical flexibility.

Dun & Bradstreet has a long-standing history of working with government agencies to assist with disaster mitigation and recovery efforts. With this experience under our belt, our Data Scientists and Analytics experts utilized Dun & Bradstreet’s empirically-derived Natural Disaster framework—which is tried and tested across multiple natural disasters such as hurricanes Maria and Florence—and adjusted it to account for the uniqueness of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


How the COVID-19 Impact Index Assesses Company Resilience


At a high level, the COVID-19 Impact Index considers four core factors which help to demonstrate a multi-dimensional view of the impact to an individual business by considering its location(s), industry, and credit health, as well as its network:

COVID19 Impact Index - Chart


The COVID-19 Impact Index uses a percentile ranking for more precise information. The parameters and factor weighting can change daily, as available information and distributions change. Weekly or monthly refreshes allow you to gain timely insights.

Contact Dun & Bradstreet as our specialists are available to consult with you on how to utilize the COVID-19 Impact Index and our other resources, not only to assess and mitigate risks, but also to identify areas of focus for opportunities for growth.

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