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Smart Compliance Screening (SCS)

 Compliance & Due Diligence

compliance through
artificial intelligence

In conjunction with the Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau's and Dun & Bradstreet's data network - SCS delivers powerful, decision-ready intelligence and compliance protection, enabling global organisations to identify persons and organisations at risk to strengthen fraud protection. Discover how AI is being implemented to protect your brand equity and ease the otherwise cumbersome process. 


Powerful, decision-ready intelligence for your risk and compliance protection

Strengthens fraud protection and ensures sound
regulatory compliance

Enhances the customer onboarding experience
and protects your brand equity

Enables global organisations
to identify persons and organisations at risk

Integrated access allows easy adoption and use via SCCB web portal, batch, or API

Provides automated daily monitoring of your clientele - alerting you to the latest risk

Data Coverage

SCS's vast coverage ensures regulatory compliance and high precision in identification of local & global threats

Integrated Government Sanctions

& Regulatory Lists

Relationships of Sanctioned

Organisations and Persons

Adverse Media

PEP Profiles & Watchlists


How SCS Streamlines Your
Regulatory Compliance


 •  Ensuring KYC/AML compliance

•  Sanctions, Anti-money Laundering,
Anti-Bribery & Corruption

•  Increasing need for corporates and
financial institutions to carry out KYC

• Enables demonstration to regulators
that due diligence has been conducted

Addresses Need For

Risk Screening


•  Technology-enabled human interaction

•  Combined human and machine-learning

•  Drives efficiencies for clients

•  Minimize errors in false reporting of data

Expert Analyst Review To

Minimize False Positives



• Drives an efficient risk-based approach
through the adoption of proprietary
technology and algorithms

• Enables Integrated processing,
monitoring and onboarding workflows

• Avoiding fines for compliance violations

• Ensuring audit success and
business controls

• Improving customer experience &
facilitating speedy onboarding

Reduce Overall Compliance

Cost And Improve Customer

Onboarding Experience


• Reputational and brand risk can cost
companies an additional 10x-100x of
the regulatory fine

• Guarding against reputational risks
that might deter potential clients
and partnerships

• Protecting Brand equity 

Mitigating Reputational

And Commercial Risks


How it helps

SCS digs deep, ensuring nothing
stays buried.

Utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, it
trawls through immense volume of data with maximum
vigilance and no fatigue. SCS enables you to treat your
3rd party relationships as an opportunity for growth rather
than a compliance or business risk. 

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