Sales & Marketing Solutions

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Maximising Sales Revenue and Productivity

Together, we can address tough marketing questions, direct you to the most favourable prospects for new businesses and uncover opportunities for profit. 

At D&B Singapore, we have the largest commercial database available, with an extensive coverage of more than 230 million companies worldwide. Our World Base databank houses up-to-the-minute business records and information. Depending on your marketing needs, these commercial databases can be customized and streamlined for maximum marketing mileage and sales revenue. 

One-Stop Sales and Marketing Solutions

Sales productivity can be greatly improved with the right kind of data and the right format. In today’s highly competitive market, obtaining the right business intelligence gives you an edge over your competitors when acquiring new businesses. 

With D&B Singapore’s one-stop Sales & Marketing Solutions, we help you grow your business through the most cost-effective solutions. 

  • B2B Database - Kick start your B2B marketing campaigns with our extensive commercial database. Key information provided includes Standard Industry Code, Employee Size, Sales Turnover, Contact details of Functional Titles and Geographical Location. 
  • Telemarketing & Lead-streaming – Obtain key strategic information that your business requires. By identifying the right prospects and eliminating risky ones, we help you to streamline leads and shorten your sales cycle. 
  • Data Rationalization – An accurate and rationalized database means you can take full advantage of opportunities to streamline your business and serve your customers more effectively. Every business entity in our database is being assigned a distinctive, 9-digit Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number, which allows data conversion from disparate sources into rationalized, coherent information. Data Rationalization is a powerful tool that lets you trace the corporate tree connections among your customers and suppliers, helping you increase revenue, minimize risk, leverage buying power and increase profitability. 
  • Hoovers – A premier global marketing portal to help you meet your international and regional marketing needs. By delivering business intelligence via the Web to a broad range of users, Hoovers delivers value throughout the enterprise and fast access to information that supports activities ranging from sales-lead development to strategic decision-making in credit and finance, HR and recruitment. 

Data Rationalization

Data Rationalization Process

D-U-N-S Numbers "Link" Companies, Divisions and Branch Locations

Unleash the Power of your Data


  • Better prospecting for businesses
  • Target sales and marketing to companies most likely to purchase your products and services
  • Refine marketing messages and communications to the right prospects


  • Better analysis of supply base
  • Leverage purchasing power and Reduce spend
  • Minimize risks and disruptions to supply chain
  • Prospect qualified suppliers

Credit Management:

  • Manage risks and reduce credit exposure
  • Lower Day-Sales-Outstanding and Accelerate Cashflow
  • Better monitoring of customers and setting the right credit terms


Insight That Drives Better Business

Sales and Marketing: Access to Untapped Markets

  • Timely and accurate company, industry, and decision maker information for new lead generation
  • Private company information and other intelligence that is not widely available
  • Unique, comprehensive views of corporate relationships among companies, subsidiaries, and branches

Credit and Finance: Sound Decision-Making Support

  • Business intelligence and tools to support strategic decisions, such as up-to-the-minute e-mail news alerts
  • Valuable insight into the corporate relationships of companies and their subsidiaries
  • Downloadable financial statements and ratio data for company analysis

Recruitment & HR: Identifying Trends & Candidates

  • Information to identify relevant activities in other companies, such as downsizing or expansion
  • Ability to build lists of executives based on a variety of criteria such as job title, alma mater, or keywords

Online Subscription

Count on the business information resource that tens of thousands turn to for the insight they need to succeed. All Hoover's enterprise subscribers gain access to the following insight about companies, industries, and decision makers:

Default Monitor

Lists of key top executives and board members and their biographies, when available. 

  • Company Overview, History, Products/Operations, Competitors, and Industry Codes
    Up-to-date, in-depth information about select companies. 
  • Simple Searching
    Search companies, news, IPOs, industries, and more, one at a time. 
  • Industry Records
    A proprietary industry system spanning more than 600 industries. 
  • Company Fact Sheet
    Includes company description, key numbers, industries, subsidiaries, and more. 
  • Industry Fact Sheet
    Includes industry description, family tree, and SIC, NAICS, and Hoover's industries codes. 
  • Find Similar Companies
    A tool for generating customized peer listings to find companies that look like your best customers. 
  • Customization & Alerting Features (My Hoover's)
    A proprietary industry system spanning more than 600 industries. 
  • Company Fact Sheet
    Create company Watch Lists, save frequently performed searches, track significant company developments, receive breaking news alerts, and easily manage customized settings in one convenient location. 
  • Industry Overview and Web Resources
    Up-to-date industry information for selected industries. 
  • Competitive Landscape
    A financial comparison of the company, its top three competitors, the industry, and the market. 
  • Company and Industry News
    Current news for 600 industries and select companies from 3,000 top business information sources. 
  • Financial Statements, Market and IPO Data, SEC Filings for your reference
  • Access At-A-Glance industry information at a glance
    Hoover's global database gives you the most information available for your subscription level. Below is a high-level overview of the tools and in-depth of information offered for each subscription level

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