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To approve or not to approve a credit application? Does this sound familiar?

DunTrade™ is a powerful automated trade-reporting program which enables you to improve cash flow, minimize bad debts and expand current business activities through the sharing of customers’ payment information. 

Leveraging on internet technology, trade payment information is now readily available at your fingertips at anytime of the day. In addition, instant access to cross-border trades becomes reality without compromising the confidentiality of information. 

The Conventional Payment Reference Check

  • Calling for Supplier References (Names provided on Credit Application Form)
  • Checking with counterparts in similar industries
  • Internal Analysis/ Research
  • Customers' Payment Information / Ledgers

    Your Essential Credit Assessment Tool

    URL: https://paymentinfo.dnb.com/

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    Now Available in: English, Chinese, Japanese
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    Select location where your customers/prospects are situated… 

    1. Singapore
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    7. Japan
    8. Indonesia
    9. India
    10. Vietnam
    11. Philippines

    The DunTrade™ search engine is designed to enable KEYWORD SEARCH. This is most useful if you are looking up on foreign businesses. The search results will return with a list of closest name matches. 
    Select (tick) the business and compile a report. 
    That's it! You are now looking at the payment behavior of your customer and prospects. 
    NOTE: The DunTrade™ website is linked to D&B's wide range of products across the world, providing you with greater information for in-depth analyses. 

    How do I gain access to DunTrade™ Online Payment Information?

    Simply pass us your Account Receivables/ Ledgers, and we will do the rest. In turn, you will receive a User ID and Password which grants you unlimited access to online trade information. No membership fees or subscription fees are required as long as participants continue to submit electronic A/R regularly and remain active in the program. 

    Required Accounts Receivable Information

    • Customer Code
    • Customer Full Name
    • Customer Address (important for facilitating name matches against D&B's trade database)
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Credit/ Selling Terms
    • Last Transaction Date (Optional)
    • Aging Breakdown of Amounts Owing to:

    - Current
    - Overdue (within) 30 days
    - Overdue (within) 60 days
    - Overdue (within) 90 days
    - Overdue > 90 days

    Expected File Format

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