D&B New Credit Risk Index (NCRI)

D&B New Credit Risk Index (NCRI)

The D&B's New Credit Risk Index (NCRI) provides a quick assessment of a business's risk standing based on observed business failure of companies in Singapore. When used together with other information, the NCRI enables you to make better risk decisions. 

Leveraging on D&B’s expertise, the NCRI rating is computed using advanced statistical techniques and calculated based on up-to-date information available in D&B's database. The NCRI was enhanced taking into consideration the new challenges in the current business environment. 

Based on a scale of 1 to 6, where 1 represents a lower and 6 a higher percentage of observe Business Failures. The Risk Index is related to observed business failure. Although the index does not predict the probability of business closure, it reflects from a database profiling approach, the ratio of failed to operating businesses for a Risk Index Level. 

NCRI is derived from key criteria including Business Information, Payment Information, Public Filings and Financial Information available in the report. Each risk value is first weighted according to that area’s overall importance, and then aggregated and considered with the other weighted risk values. The final Risk Index is assigned based on ranges. The final aggregated value is compared with the predetermined ranges and the Risk is assigned to the final report. 

To get your company's credit rating, simply complete the application form and send in together with your latest set of audited financial statements. 

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