Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

A New Approach to Monitoring Your Accounts

Credit Monitoring is a proactive approach to help you monitor the financial health and credibility of your business partners, clients and competitors. It acts as your third eye, prompting you when your accounts need re-evaluation, alerting you to litigation negativities showing up on your most important revenue-generating accounts. When you subscribe to Credit Monitoring, you receive an email alert the moment any information is loaded against your monitored accounts. 

With credit monitoring, you can:

  • Better understand your customer’s credit performance with other suppliers
  • Be pre-warned of customers’/suppliers’ potential payment problems
  • Help to avoid bad debts and improve your company’s cash position
  • Make more accurate and timely credit decisions

Credit Monitoring also provides the flexibility to replace up to 20% of your monitored records on a monthly basis. 


Litigation Information* provided includes:

1. Suit Numbers
2. Date of Writs
3. Status
4. Parties Involved
5. Amount
6. Nature of Claims
* Writs of Summon, District Court, Magistrate Court, Supreme Court


Credit Monitoring is a vital early warning credit risk tool. It is like having an additional helping hand in your credit department. You can save precious time and money by alerted to change in a client's status before its too late. With Credit Monitoring, set your mind at ease knowing that you are one step ahead. 

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