Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau

In co-operation with the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME), D&B Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding on 16 October 2004 to establish the Republic’s first SME Credit Bureau (Contributor), a web-based platform specifically designed to enhance your risk management capabilities. Effective 4 October 2010, SME Credit Bureau was rebranded to Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (SCCB). 

An all-in-one credit assessment portal, access to various tiers of information on commercial entities incorporated in Singapore is now effortless. With a simple click of the button, you can now retrieve your required information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your PC, tablets or anywhere in the world. 

Be it basic business registry information, litigation searches or detailed accounts on corporate payment patterns through our Commercial Inquiry Reports, you can now have it all through the Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau. Take a step further by topping up the information with our New Credit Risk Index (NCRI) as well as our Payment Index (PI). Proprietary to Dun & Bradstreet Singapore, these indices have been formulated through a tried-and-tested scientific approach. With the NCRI and the PI, credit evaluation has never been more objective than before. 

Armed with a concise credit profile of your customers and business partners, and together with our indices, you are truly empowered to assess the creditworthiness of companies in the course of granting trade credit, corporate recoveries or even increasing business profitabilities. 

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau enables quick access to credit risk information on both companies and individuals. It is a comprehensive credit risk information database and provides you with 24/7, easy access to credit risk information locally and globally. 

  • Basic Company Registration Information
  • Litigation Searches
  • Financial Reports
  • Payment Details
  • Consumer Credit Reports

Objective of Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (Contributor)

Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (Contributor) serves to create a higher level of credit transparency in the local business arena by sharing information on payment behavior, associated with trade credit and credit facilities, of borrowers. Members now have more relevant and updated information for their use in their risk management process and, in turn, are able to make sensible business decisions and manage their credit risk better. Moreover, Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (Contributor) also plays the role of helping companies to perform self-evaluation and gauge their own credit standing. 

Commercial Enquiry Reports support the 3 ‘Cs’ of Lending and Trade Credit Grant. 


  • Character
    Business Registration data helps to confirm a Company’s legitimacy on an application for credit or other business purposes. 
  • Capacity
    Previous enquiry information indicates potential exposure and a potential indicator of further capacity to incur debts. 
  • Credit History
    Payment Index & Trends, Defaults, Winding Up and Litigation are detailed in the relevant reports. 

CreditScan Consumer
Global Credit Bureaux

In mature markets around the world, credit bureaux are now core to lending and relationship management. This includes the U.S. , Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. Singapore is, among many Southeast Asian countries, establishing this information database. 

In 2002, Infocredit Holdings established a second consumer credit bureau in Singapore known as CreditScan. Based on proven international standards, it is tailored to meet local requirements. The credit bureau will allow grantors of consumer credit in Singapore the access to relevant and accurate credit history information. 

CreditScan is available to all industries (excluding members of the Association of Banks) that grant credit to individuals, to ensure that a wide and varied spectrum of information is accessible. The hierarchy of debt clearly shows that debtors default their payments with non-banks first before defaulting to the banks. This means credit grantors outside of the banks already experience increased risks as compared to the banks. Information from industries outside the banks will therefore provide an earlier indication of a consuemr’s inability to meet future commitments. 

Information will be offered on the basis of reciprocity. This will ensure that credit grantors are in a position to make fully informed decisions and that all current information on the consumer is available. CreditScan information will assist credit grantors in assessing new applications, reviewing existing relationships, collecting overdue accounts and preventing fraudulent applications. 

Bureau Support

The bureau operates under the following key compliance principles:

  • Data Integrity
    Date integrity ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data within the database by validating data entered into the bureau as well as data disseminated by the bureau. 
  • Data Privacy

The Privacy team handles all queries by consumers on their files. This could include correction of information, resolution of disputes as well as general consumer inquiries on privacy of the information held by the bureau. You may direct all Privacy enquiries to the following contact person:

Ivory Chong
DID:  +65 6439 6677

Please visit for more information on Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau. 

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